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Electric Bath Brush for sale

Electric Bath Brush for sale

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Revitalize your bathing routine with our Electric Bath Brush! Experience the ultimate in cleansing and relaxation. Elevate your self-care game - Act now! #ElectricBathBrush #SelfCareEssentials #ShopNow


Product Information:

Product Category: Electric Bath Brush

Material: ABS

(1) Long handle design for washing any part of the body, waterproof design, and replaceable brush head (four brush heads sent at random).

(2) Features automatic shower gel dispensing.

(3) Includes massage and body peeling function.

(4) Ideal for use with bath balls and foaming.

(5) The foot rubbing function includes stumbling stones in the middle part of the brush, effectively treating hard calluses, foot pads, and athlete's foot. Especially suitable for patients with rough, dry, and peeling skin on the soles of their feet. This product can be used repeatedly and also massages the acupuncture points of the feet, accelerates microcirculation, adjusts blood pressure, improves sleep, relieves fatigue, and promotes human metabolism.

Size: 19.521.88.3

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