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Luxury Head-Mounted Sound and Noise-Proof Earmuff

Luxury Head-Mounted Sound and Noise-Proof Earmuff

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Experience the epitome of luxury with our Head-Mounted Sound and Noise-Proof Earmuff. Immerse yourself in premium audio quality while enjoying serene tranquility.  #LuxuryEarmuff #AudioPerfection

Product Details:

Product Name: Ear Protection (Double Layer)

Material Type: ABS Shell / Multi-layer Sound Blocking Cotton

Classification: Suitable for a 105 dB environment, SNR: 35

Adhesive Way: The package is a folded box (with the package inside).

Color Selection: Red, Blue, Black

Product Features: Non-metallic material production

Adjustable headwear is suitable for different head types, and the rotatable cup is more comfortable to wear.

Suggestion: Wipe and clean the outside of the earmuff, and wear it with earplugs at the same time.

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