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Shower Foot Back Scrubber: Silicone Bath Massage Pad with Suction Cups, Wash Foot Mat, Exfoliating Brush

Shower Foot Back Scrubber: Silicone Bath Massage Pad with Suction Cups, Wash Foot Mat, Exfoliating Brush

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Indulge in a spa-like experience at home with our Shower Foot Back Scrubber!  Made of silicone with suction cups, this bath massage pad offers a soothing massage while exfoliating your feet. Elevate your shower routine today! #FootScrubber #BathEssentials #ShopNow

Product Specifications:

  • Quantity: 1
  • Item Type: Bath
  • Number of Pieces: One Unit
  • Type: Back Scrub
  • Type 2: Foot Cleaner
  • Type 3: Massage Brush
  • Type 4: Bathroom Gadgets
  • Type 5: Feet Bath
  • Type 6: Body Scrubber
  • Type 7: Silicone Rub Back Brush
  • Type 8: Bath Brush
  • Type 9: Body Massage Brush
  • Type 10: Massage Bath Brush
  • Type 11: Bath Brush Back
  • Type 12: Wash Foot Pad
  • Type 13: Massage Shower Mat with Sucker
  • Type 14: Foot Exfoliating Brush Pad
  • Type 15: Body Silicone Brush
  • Type 16: Back Foot Wash Brush with Suckers
  • Type 17: Body Scrub Exfoliating Sponge Brush
  • Type 18: Foot Back Massage Mat
  • Type 19: Shower Back Brush
  • Type 20: Shower Back Scrubber
  • Type 21: Foot Scrubber and Back
  • Type 22: Back Scrubber Shower
  • Type 23: Shower Scrubber
  • Type 24: Shower Massage Cushion
  • Type 25: Silicone Body Washcloth


  1. Material: Made of TPR, environment-friendly and non-toxic; strong cleaning ability, smooth edge without burr, smooth surface, these will make you feel comfortable.
  2. Non-slip: Safe and non-slip, with powerful suction cups on the bottom, which won't slide in water.
  3. Usage: Foot cleaning and massage, silica gel column, sole cleaning massage, relieve your fatigue. Make a simple exfoliation treatment and relieve your fatigue. You can put it in your bath tub, relaxing and massaging simultaneously.

When you use a silicone non-slip scrub bath mat, you need to place it on the bath or shower floor. Then, turn the faucet on and run water over the silicone pad to make sure the surface is moist. Next, you can use the grooves and bumps in the mat to scrub and massage. After use, you can clean it and dry it for the next use. Hope this helps!

Product name: Scrub mat

Material: TPR

Color: Pink, blue, orange

Size: 28 * 19.5 cm / 11 * 7.7 inches

Packing list: 1pc Scrub mat

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