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Tactical SmartWatch V3 HR

Tactical SmartWatch V3 HR

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Unleash the power of precision with the Tactical SmartWatch V3 HR. Elevate your tactical edge and stay connected with advanced features.  #SmartWatch #TacticalTech

Product Features:

Test a Runner with the Data: Utilize the inbuilt 3D accelerometer to track your current speed and distance, allowing for indoor motion tracking (e.g., treadmill running). Note that data accuracy may be affected by factors like different individuals' motion ranges and habits.

Develop Your Full Potential, Discover a Better You: Calories calculation is based on heart rate and physical information. Track real-time heat consumption during training and total heat consumption per session. Calories calculation considers factors like weight, height, age, gender, and motion strength in training.

Hard Shell, Stand Up to the Toughest Environments: With an international standard rating of IP67, the VIBE 3 HR wristwatch offers waterproof performance up to 50 meters/164 feet. It withstands water, dust, or dirt, making it ideal for daily life or outdoor trips, especially in heavy rain, mud, and rivers.

The 3D Interface: VIBE 3 HR features a unique 3D interface, offering a clear view of daily activities and sleep information without the need for complicated graphs. The watch face uses 3D animations for easy understanding and even provides friendly inactivity reminders.

Motion Effect Function: Track daily motions and visualize completion status of daily, weekly, and monthly goals through diagrams. The motion effect function provides beneficial feedback for your fitness journey.

Smart Sleep Monitoring Record: Monitor your sleep with advanced sleep analysis, offering insights into sleep quality. The sleep monitoring bracelet enhances your understanding of sleep patterns for a more balanced lifestyle.

Make Every Second Count in Your Life: Receive alerts for incoming calls, text messages, and schedules, ensuring important information is not missed.

Shorten Charging Time: VIBE 3 HR offers longer standby time, up to 5-7 days, allowing you to track all your activities without frequent charging.

Compatible with More Smartphones: Automatically sync with over 200 Android and iPhone devices. View statistics and exercise status on the digital display through the "WearHealth" app.

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